about us

All about our passion in this business

HR Prestige Autopaint Work Sdn.Bhd are a bumiputera company that is now making strides forward in producing the artwork dreamed by vehicle owners. In line with our tagline ’Delivering Perfection & Quality’, we will always strive to ensure that our work is at the optimum level that will satisfy customers and be the talk of the town because of the best work produced.

We understand that with the increasing number of vehicles in the country, the demand for vehicle repairs and painting will also increase.  So, we at Hr Prestige Autopaint work Sdn. Bhd offer service to repair and paint vehicles according to the needs of customers, especially in the game of ‘’special effect colours which is the latest young trend.

Trust is the key why you choose us. You review our artwork, fall in love with it, and let us makeover your car. We will not disappoint you.

Our Team Members

Mr. Mohd Khairil (Hery)

Director/Marketing manager of Hr Prestige Autopaint Work Sdn. Bhd

Mrs. Ruby Kamal

Director/Management of Hr Prestige Autopaint Work Sdn.Bhd

Mr. Nasrul

Professional Painter

Mr. Jasminuddin/Kadir

Section 3 leader

Mr. Kurhani Cappa

Professional Staff

Mr. Syahmi Mirza

Professional staff

Mr. Tareeq

Professional Staff

Mr. Daniel

Professional Staff

Awards & training

Our staffs has been properly trained by the professional. They are not just gained knowledge from experience. In HR Prestige, we want all of our staff to be train by the professional so that their work will be more excellent and tidy.

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