Most frequent questions and answers

20 to 30 days for outside or inside repaint and up to 14 days for panel touch up based on first come first serve basis and cars queue on that period of time.

Yes. We need half of the price for deposit and balance can pay on the day customer pick up their vehicle.

We do offered other services such as body knock due to minor accident, glass coating, welding, body parts touch up etc. Please call us for more enquiry.

First of all, we just offered warranty for premium clearcoat and if the customer agreed to use the clearcoat and it has defect on the clearcoat itself after the car check out from Hr Prestige, yes we cover all the expenses for the touch up. But it has terms and condition. Customer can refer the t&c on the warranty card given. To claim the warranty, customer must present the original receipt by Hr Prestige together with the warranty card.

Price given based on a few criteria such as body works, damage on the body, colour and effect chosen, and also clearcoat. To get the price, customer can contact us by phone, email, fb page or Instagram. We’re not encourage customer to walk in for enquiry due to limited working time and dateline.

In accordance with our tagline ‘’Delivering Perfection & Quality’’, we are very concerned on the quality of each services from us. First step after we receive the vehicle, we will put it at section 1 for panels dissolve, body knocking (if required), check for original defects (job cart), put on putty etc. Later the vehicle will go for next step which is on section 2(inside the oven) for primer, painting and spraying the clearcoat. Then it will go to section 3 for paint correction and detailing. After that, our crew will wash the car inside out to make sure no stain or dust on the vehicle body. For final steps, our qc will check once again using special lamp to make sure there is no defect before deliver the vehicle to customer.

It includes the process of removing orange peel and dust, scraping excess clear and touch up minor defects. The process used is 3 steps body sanding then finally 2 or 3 polishing steps. Then it will go for qc check and car wash. All this complicated process are to make sure our customer satisfied with our work and to prove that we value the price you pay.

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